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Seeking a storage calculator and guide to figure out the right amount of space for your self-storage needs? Fort Myers Boat RV Storage simplifies this decision with our easy-to-follow sizing guide. Located in Fort Myers, FL, we provide a variety of storage options, including indoor and outdoor parking units. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of our available storage unit sizes and the types of items that comfortably fit into each, making your storage planning straightforward and hassle-free.

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Fort Myers Boat RV Storage Unit Size Guide

Small Storage Units

  • Starting at 5×5, small storage units have big potential. Perfect for seasonal pieces, these can help create some extra space in your house by clearing your attic and basement. Items that come out only once a year don’t need to be in your home year round. Give us your Christmas decorations in the summer, and we can swap for your summer clothes and outdoor games in the winter.
  • If you are moving from an apartment or condo, small storage units can fit about the contents of one bedroom, meaning your mattress (up to a full size), a few large items, and boxes you can stack on top. Make sure to double-check measurements of desks and dressers before trying to fit them into a small storage unit.

Medium Storage Units

  • Maybe you have a bigger mattress than a full. That moves us into the next largest category. Able to fit about two of three bedrooms’ worth of furniture, medium storage units are great for both personal and commercial storage. And don’t rule out outdoor items. This size range can fit motorcycles, jet skis, canoes, and kayaks.
  • Businesses can rent a storage unit to hold important documents and equipment instead of renting office space. Self storage is cheaper, and we provide month-by-month renting for greater flexibility.

Large Storage Units

  • If you are looking at the items in your home, worried about how you are going to possibly pack up everything, you probably need a storage unit in the large category. These have all the space you need for dining room furniture, big bookcases, every mattress in your house. Your appliances will fit nicely, and you will still have some room to navigate through your belongings.
  • For those living in apartment complexes or other places that do not provide additional parking, large storage units can fit a vehicle, small boat, or trailer. This keeps them out of extreme weather and still leaves extra space in the storage unit for other items.

Our Storage Calculator

Not sure what size unit is best to keep your valuables comfortable and safe? We want to take the hassle out of storing. Our storage calculator can help you determine what size storage unit would be best for your needs. Using the form below, tell us what you need to store and our calculator at the top of the page will provide an estimate in cubic feet as well as the size unit you’ll need.

In each category below, enter the number of your items to be stored. To the right, we’ll calculate the space needed and recommend a storage unit based on the space needed.

Source: Self Storage Association